Women Who Inspire Me: Karen Juino, Cake Decorator Extraordinaire

Sister Love

I’ve said it several times before, but I’ll say it again: my family is full of talented ladies. I’ve told you all about my fashionable granny, and now I want to tell you about my older sister, Karen, the artist.

I have to admit that I was an extremely annoying little sister. A real brat. My sister would probably tell you the story about how I once stood outside her bedroom and yelled to her and her friends “I know you’re smoking, I smell nicotine!” Yes, I was seriously that annoying.

But really, I always adored my sister, Karen. I wanted to be just like her. She was cool, listened to The Beatles and wore thrift store clothing. Most of all, she was super creative and has an amazing ability to draw and paint, which she has channeled into cake decorating.

Not anyone can be a cake decorater, it takes patience, a steady hand and an eye for detail. Things I just don’t have. My dream is to one day open up a bakery and hire my sister as the cake decorater, my mom as the pie maker (her lattice pie crust is perfect everytime) and I’ll take care of the marketing and bossing everyone around. Perfect!

Interview with Karen Juino, Cake Decorator

Hamburger Cake

Where do you work and what is a typical day like?

I work at LeBlancs food store in Zachary, La. A family-owned grocery store less than 10 minutes from my home. Typical day? We offer a delicious line of signature cakes like carrot, Italian cream, classic yellow, red velvet, coconut, fudge, German chocolate and the humming bird. We make a line of specialty cakes including a Chantilly and the most popular Doberge. We have sweets, petit fours, cupcakes, cookies, wagons, brownies ect. I also fill orders if any.

You are a really gifted artist and have always been good at drawing , do you feel like you are able to use your artistic ability in decorating cakes too?

Absolutely! I am proud to say I get loads of positive feedback from the customers and my co-workers they love how there hasn’t been a request I couldn’t fill and I love the looks on the customers faces when I show them there cake. I’ve always been able to draw and it feels good when I get requested. Last week I had a woman start to cry she was so pleased with her cake and I’ve been hugged a dozen times. Who wouldn’t be a lil’ proud and feel great? A lil’ kids face is priceless…

Do you bake at home?

I have been a cake decorator for only 8 months, but I have never made and decorated a cake at home besides one out of a box. Not to say I haven’t been thinking about doing it at home! I’ve been learning how to use fondant and making large tier cakes, so I think I might surprise myself.

What has been your favorite cake design that you did (and can you share a photo of it)?

This one is a personal favorite cause it was printed in the weekly ads:

LSU Cake

Can you share any tips/tricks on cake decorating?

Its hard to give tips and tricks when I’m still learning myself. But I think using different fonts can take that basic cake to the next level.

Who inspires/ has inspired you in your life?

This is an easy one,  I am and have been most inspired by my Grandmother Suzanne Kagan. She was taken her artistic ability and made a name for herself. She is an extremely beautiful and talented woman . I hope to be like her one day.

Personally, I think you already are a beautiful and talented woman! Keep on decorating, Karen!

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