Places to Eat Sweets: Mar del Plata, Argentina

076A few months ago, I visited Mar del Plata with some friends over a long holiday weekend. Mar del Plata is about 5 hours south of Buenos Aires and located along the Atlantic Coast, which means that it’s a quite popular destination in summer when you want to escape the heat and head to the beach. Of course, I went in the dead middle of winter, so my trip was more based around food.

Being on the coast, Mar del Plata offers a lot of seafood options, which everyone complains about there being a lack of in Buenos Aires. But I was pleasently suprised to find that not only is Mar del Plata known for its seafood but also its…dulce de leche and alfajores!

Boston Confiteria Mar del Plata

Seafood and sweets? I’ve gone to heaven, ladies!

One of the top places that you must visit in Mar del Plata is the Confitería Boston. It’s a cozy café that serves up some strong-ass espresso and the most buttery, sweet medialunas that I’ve ever had. Not to mention that it was here that I discovered the “pañuelo” or handkerchief: a thin square of sponge cake loaded with dulce de leche and folded in half (pictured above). Yeah, it’s amazing.


My advice: go to Mar del Plata in the winter, so you can avoid the beach crowds and fatten up on sweets without having to worry about fitting into a bikini afterwards.

Confitería Boston

Av Peralta Ramos 3887, Mar del Plata, Argentina

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  1. NOLAchef says:

    That pañuelo looks wickedly dangerous!

  2. The medialunas from “la Boston” are almost magical! Do you try the churros from Manolo?

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