About Rise and Bake

Some people are born knowing what they are meant to do. Some people will never know. And others, know, but have trouble admitting it.

I’m of the latter group. My background is varied – languages, teaching, writing and most importantly, baking. All of these experiences, separate they may seem, have shaped me into who I am now.

I fell in love with pastry while living in France, studied Pastry Arts while living in Argentina and have returned (for now) to my native United States to pursue a life in baking at a mile up in the air and learn as much as I can about wine.

I’m an imperfect work in progress and proudly carry that title. I’m tired of this expectation that we must have tea towels and perfect lighting to be a food blogger. I just want to share my experiences and recipes that I love with a bunch of strangers, soon to be best friends.

So, that’s why I’m here.

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  1. Gourmetology says:

    Hi Kelly!! Loved your pies in the last Taste BsAs 2012 they are just adorable!! Here is what we had to say about them in the latest post in Gourmetology! http://wp.me/p2ibuV-g0

    1. kvolman says:

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed yourselves at the event!

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